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Megan M.
"Thank you!! I appreciate the joy, kindness and pride that the Monocle Project team takes in their work. They capture the inner beauty of others and have a wonderful sense of detail, creativity, and style. Excellent team-work, artistry & keen eye! Photographic excellence and high quality craftsmanship through a modern perspective. Team Ryan & Jasmin of “Monocle Project” are a testament for optimal performance presentation and client satisfaction via lens! "
Ashley W. + Jacob W.
"We have always admired the great quality of work produced by Monocle Project and they were first to come to mind when it was our turn to tie the knot! Working with Ryan and Jasmin is the complete experience. They entirely surpassed our expectations and made us feel comfortable and at ease. We were so happy they include an engagement session in their packages because it allowed us to get comfortable in front of cameras and we gained astonishing images to display at our wedding reception. Ryan and Jasmin definitely have a skill that goes beyond epic photography; they have a love for people and an eye for the best moments that are unsurpassed."
Alexa-Rae G.
"I had my portraits taken with them;. they had all the set up and included some interesting props to make it more fun! The couple is both friendly, professional and fun! They made that photo session fun and wanting me to go back. They allowed me to be creative in my poses and gave me some helpful tips. They are so great at explaining the process of their editing and showing me how the photo will turn out. I follow both of them on Instagram and Facebook and all of their photos are vivid in color and quality.  I definitely recommend them to capture anyone’s most cherished memories. Great job Monocle Project Team!"
Julia C.
"My expeirience with Monocle Project was amazing! They were very good at making me feel comfortable and confident! Jasmin even had suggestions on what to wear and always stayed in communication with me. From the very beginning they made sure to pay attention to the details! I love their eye and her passion to deliver photos that will last a lifetime."
Lexie R.
"What I like about Monocle project is that they understand how important your memories need to be captured and their talents and gifts are displayed in every single photo. Not only will you gain an album full of priceless memories, but a special connection with the owners, editors and photography team! They’re reliable, friendly, genuine and a creative duo. "