We are Monocle Project, a husband + wife photography team composed of two people who love our little family, love life, and love our craft.

With a love for people and a collaborative edge, we aim to create a full experience for our clients that begins the moment we meet. Our whole-hearted standards are to surpass your expectations, capture glorious moments, and create astonishing imagery. We can’t do it without you–so let’s get you in front of our cameras and experience this together.

We are passionate people who specialize in weddingcommercial + lifestyle photography.

We create for our clients with an effective and wholehearted vision with a versatility for documenting the subtle details while emphasizing the glory of your best moments!  As Monocle Project we have distinguished a style purposed to capture life’s most cherished moments in an artful + fun + timeless manner.

With a specific focus on people-photography–weddings, engagement sessions, hidden-photographer proposals, lifestyle portraiture, family portraits, and newborn/child photography–we can capture your story every step of the way!

We are Monocle Project, and we have eyes to see.

We both are crazy about all things technology and found ourselves spending many of our wedding couple consults enjoying good conversation about the world’s best lenses, 3D printers, Apple watches, and extreme engineering. We totally geek out about the amazing transformation in our world as we experience new technology big and small–did you know people can print an ear now? A human ear. Things are getting real.

Okay, so although we are not printing body appendages over here, we do enjoy our 3D printer on our off-time coming up with inventive prototypes and handy gadgets. If you have a 3D printer, check out thingiverse, your mind will be blown with what you have accessible to print without having to design a thing.

We also recently got a new bike. And yes, if you know us well you know we like ourselves a classic motorcycle so it’s a 1985 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH with power for days and a sweet roar of victory. Of course our riding experience wouldn’t have been the same without  classy Bell Bullit helmets to match, which you can see in the shot of Ryan riding above. We ride together just about everyday and enjoy the time together without the need for words or music, just the passing landscapes and warm fuzzies we get from just the love of doing life together.

We also enjoy the simple things. Jasmin enjoys unsweetened green tea at her leisure and Ryan crafts himself a mean cup of espresso every day of the week.

We adore our wedding video + encourage you to take a moment to see into our lives and our love a bit more deeply:

Let’s get to know each other better, yeah?

We can be reached at: // 714 707 0655